About Us

Hi. If you are here, you probably know who I am. But, in case you stumbled on this page accidentally and don’t know what you’ve wandered into here, my name is Sarah. This piece of the internet is mostly about adventures that my husband Anthony and I have had since we got married in June 2014. We decided that in lieu of taking a short trip to some exotic location and then returning to daily life, we would like that sort of “honeymoon” ideal to become our daily life. So, we decided to move to India for a while (with a few stops along the way). I do most of the writing and photo-illustration, but Anthony sometimes secretly contributes from behind the scenes. It’s about one-half scrapbook, one-third newsletter, and one-sixth nebulous thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am following every new post with such delight! I hope all is well, and you are about to start your new positions! Had lunch with Sonia/Mom recently, such fun!! love to you both, Lydia


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