Utica Blueprints

Since coming home from India and while I wait for job interviews, I’ve been working a personal project. I got back into linoleum block printing last year when I made the invitations for our wedding, and I have been excited to try something new! So I started making some prints of my favorite buildings and sites around town.

downtown clock tower
The Downtown Clock & Carlile Building
forest hil
Forest Hill Cemetery
Nail Creek Pub & Brewery
Savings Bank of Utica
The Gold Domed Bank Building (aka Savings Bank of Utica)
The Old Main
Old Main, Utica State Hospital
The Stanley
The Stanley Theater

Since I love functional art, I started printing them on greeting cards…and with a little encouragement from family and friends, I’ve started making them available for purchase! If you’re interested, you can find them here:


And I post updates about new prints on Facebook, here:


If you have any suggestions for which of your favorite Utica landmarks I should recreate next, leave a comment below!

:) Sarah

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