Tala Park School Fundraiser Update: Part 2

(Click here to see Tala Park School Fundraiser: Part 1)

As March draws to a close, here at Tala Park School we have achieved all that we hoped to do with the fundraiser, and more! Here are some “before and after” pictures! (You can click the images to enlarge.)

I’ve begun using the new stadiometer for student physical assessments. As I am going back through previous assessments done using the old method (a sewing tape measure taped to a long yard stick) and checking them against the new assessments of the same students (six months later) done with the stadiometer, I believe the old measurements were off by about 5-10 cm (so if you compare them, it looks like all the kids have shrunk!). I’m VERY glad to have a more accurate method of measurement!

new stadiometer
Then and Now: Measuring height in the medical room.

Through some other generous donations unrelated to our fundraiser, Calcutta Rescue got the funding to put a real floor in the hall and kitchen area! They also patched up the walls with cement in the places where they were chipping away. I can’t begin to explain what a huge difference this makes. It feels like a whole new school.

new floor triptych
The same hallway: a month or so before construction, during, and after!

Our cabinets were finally finished (a month late, but better late than never!) and delivered today.

new kitchen cabinet
New cabinet in the kitchen, a beautiful new floor, AND a backsplash! (I learned what a backsplash was when my mom redid her kitchen.)
Top Left: The old cabinet. Right: The new cabinet! Bottom left: Happy students :)

The kids, teachers, and staff are all really pleased with the end result! Meanwhile, I have begun the process of putting the students’ physical assessments, heights and weights, addresses, guardian information, and etc. all into the new computers. Thanks to Bahadur, our IT guy, the new software is running beautifully AND we also have The Internet at Tala Park School now. We’ve got a long way to go until the medical room is “paper free,” but it’s a good start!

Our new laptop and student medical files.

And in case you didn’t catch my post on Instagram a while back, Tala Park School got a real live school bus (also unrelated to our fundraiser) so that we don’t have to smush all of the children into a CR jeep at the end of the day. The drivers are excited to have a new vehicle (I think most of the CR jeeps are around 15 years old) and the kids are THRILLED to get to ride around in a real school bus, with their own seats and everything.

new bus

Once again, a big THANK YOU! to all of our donors and supporters.

For more updates and pictures, check the fundraiser page: Tala Park School Fundraiser Updates.

To donate to Calcutta Rescue’s current fundraiser, raising money for the new school building, click here! And if you haven’t seen the music video featuring Calcutta Rescue student, you definitely should. You can help us to raise awareness about Calcutta Rescue and the work we’re doing simply by sharing the video with your friends!

2 thoughts on “Tala Park School Fundraiser Update: Part 2

  1. Sarah, I don’t think I ever commented after seeing these before and after pictures. Great improvements all around. The floor changes everything and the cabinets are so colorful and modern. Great job for not only having the initiative but then seeing it through!


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