Reblog: A Deathly Matter

Dr. Hannah Fox discusses the issues at stake when palliative care meets concern for cultural sensitivity in India.

Palliative Care India

Death is visibly present in India, not hidden away in private places like in the UK. Coming home from work last week I saw a funeral procession involving a group of men walking in the middle of the road carrying a body lying on a bamboo stretcher above their heads.  Funeral cars can regularly be spotted in traffic jams.  They are similar to a hearse, except the back portion of the vehicle has a structure which looks like a mini-greenhouse advertising facilities of ‘air-conditioning’.  It contains an open casket so that the body, draped in fresh flowers, can be seen by all.  The last one I saw was parked in the middle of our local fruit and vegetable market, people getting on with their food shopping around it.  Dead dogs and cats on the side of the road are a commonplace occurrence with so many strays in the city.  As a tourist…

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