Anthony’s Blog about Public Transportation: The Calcutta Local

My wonderful husband Anthony has started a blog of his own! It’s all about riding public transit in the various places we travel through. Check it out for his latest tips on how to enjoy your daily commutes, step out of your comfort zone, and travel cheaply, efficiently, and mindfully while discovering new and amazing places off the beaten path.

The Calcutta Local

Kolkata Suburban Railway

Of all the ways to get around in Kolkata, my favorite is the Suburban Railway. The limited number of inner-city stations and the relatively low frequency of trains usually make it impractical for short trips around the city, but for commuters from beyond city limits, it is an invaluable lifeline. Its more than twenty lines extend deep into the Bengal countryside, reaching as far as the India-Bangladesh border to the east. Fares start at Rs. 5 ($0.08), the maximum possible fare being Rs. 25 ($0.40). Just under 4 million passengers use the system each day, making it the third busiest commuter rail service in the world*, after Tokyo’s JR East and the Mumbai Suburban Railway (in contrast, New York’s busiest commuter rail service, the Long Island Railroad, carries just 345,300 people per day).

a suburban railway train stopped at Naihati Station (via: wikipedia)

The system dates back…

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