Tala Park School Fundraiser Update: Part 1

Here’s an update for all of you who helped make the Tala Park School Fundraiser such a huge success!

    • $2,040 USD was raised by the Tala Park School Indiegogo fundraiser.
    • After fees were paid to IndieGogo, $1,903.91 USD (or 117,090.53 INR) remained
    • To prepare for the delivery of new equipment, the TPS medical room was cleaned by volunteers

before and after medical room

      • We salvaged some shelving that was storing broken equipment and other odds and ends to be used as a backpack cubby.


    • Digital scale, stadiometer, and digital thermometer were purchased and installed at Tala Park School Medical Room. The kids were all super excited and wanted me to measure their heights!


    • Two new steel cabinets were ordered, one for the storage of classroom materials and the other for storage of food in the kitchen. Most food items are currently being stored in the medical room, so it will be great to move them into the kitchen where they belong to prevent issues of cross-contamination.
    • School renovations are currently going on (stay tuned for pictures!), so we will have the cabinets delivered when they’re done (hopefully by next week!)
The new cabinet will go along this wall on the right-hand side. With the current renovations going on, the kitchen is getting a tile-floor and backsplash put in!
  • Our on-call carpenter was able to repair the old exam table by putting a new leg on it, so we will be saving the money that would have been used to purchase a new one to address more vital issues (stay tuned for updates).


  • Glass doors have been put on the wall shelving to make cabinets for storing the student files out of reach of the rats!
nibbled files
The old filing cabinet, where the rats enjoyed making little rat nests out of student files and paperwork, will be sold to a recycling company
  • Two new laptops were purchased and SNAP electronic medical records software which was donated by Professional Nurses Software, Inc. has been installed by our “IT guy” here at Calcutta Rescue, Bahadur. I’ll pick up the computers on Monday and start work on transferring the student information from the cards into the program.

    Our new school laptops!
    Our new school laptops!

Once again, a big THANK YOU! to all of our donors and supporters.


For more updates and pictures, check the fundraiser page: Tala Park School Fundraiser Updates.

To donate to Calcutta Rescue’s current fundraiser, raising money for the new school building, click here! And if you haven’t seen the music video featuring Calcutta Rescue student, you definitely should. You can help us to raise awareness about Calcutta Rescue and the work we’re doing simply by sharing the video with your friends!

And if you’re interested in what else is going on at CR this month, click this link to view a PDF of Calcutta Rescue’s Monthly Newsletter: February 2015!

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